Handmade Custom Butterfly Earrings

Mesmerizing  butterfly wings are carefully encased between two layers of polycarbonate, a lightweight material, similar to what most eyeglasses are made from. The butterfly wings are iridescent, and  brown on the backside. These wings come from an old butterfly collection found at an estate sale. These earrings are incredibly lightweight, and the colors shimmer and change as you move.

All handmade using fabrication techniques (not cast in resin or laminated) which result in their lightweight quality.

2" x 2" diameter, 1/16" thick.

Wing layout is subject to vary depending on the size of wings. Wearer should avoid getting earrings wet or exposing to oils/lotions (wings will discolor). Please store earrings in a safe area.

Butterfly wings, polycarbonate, and 14k gold earwire.

Handmade by Luana Coonen Jewelry