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Online, Custom & Fine Jewelry Store

True authenticity is hard to find. At DonLo Mercantile, we aim to bring beauty and originality to our customers, and we work to tell the stories of our products and their designers in the same breath.

There are far too few options for purchasing high-quality jewelry, home goods, and beauty products when for customers looking for hand crafted & artisan jewelry. We offer original, impeccably designed products for those who won’t compromise their principles for the sake of commerce.

Founded in 2018, DonLo Mercantile has endeavored to bring handcrafted & artisan jewelry to our local community in Breckenridge, Colorado with our highly curated brick and mortar location. By expanding as an online, custom & fine jewelry store, we can offer the amazing designs of our artists to collectors across the country.

Hand Crafted & Artisan Jewelry

DonLo Mercantile believes that art should not come at nature’s expense. From the dazzling collection in our fine jewelry store to the home goods lovingly crafted by artisans and designers we admire, every product we sell is sustainable, ethically sourced, or organic.

Our custom jewelry store gives you the opportunity to take an active role in designing pieces that are created especially for you. All custom jewelry items are crafted after extensive discussions surrounding design and vision, so the result is a material version of your most idealized and artistic jewelry dreams.

Shop our special jewelry collection to find unique statement pieces that have been ethically created, and feel free to reach out to the DonLo Mercantile time with any questions about our products or our process.