Unique, Luxury Artisan Necklaces

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At DonLo Mercantile, we know how hard it is to find the perfect, unique necklace when there are so many options to choose from. This is why each artisan necklace is made with the quality and durability our customers have come to expect from DonLo Mercantile.

Our luxury necklaces are carefully chosen after meeting a stringent set of criteria that adhere to our values of using ethically sourced materials, beautiful artistry, and superior craftsmanship.

We are a proud provider of unique, luxury artisan necklaces that are designed to reflect your style in a one of a kind piece of art. Each beautiful handcrafted necklaces we sell is designed by independent artists worldwide, and every unique necklace is created with intent and passion.

When you purchase a luxury artisan necklace from us, you'll quickly notice that you bought more than just an accessory. Our necklaces are true works of art created by human beings who care. Made with ethically sourced materials, DonLo Mercantile's necklace collections are timeless, environmentally friendly, and a true sight to see!

Beautiful Handcrafted Necklaces

Whether you're looking for a luxurious gold or silver pendant to perfectly accentuate your look for a night on the town, or you want to express your love of nature and the rustic outdoors, our artisan necklace collection has something for everyone. Our artists create exceptional masterpieces that are meant to bring out your individuality and style.

From tasteful beaded necklaces to decadent statement pieces, we have various designs made primarily from only the highest quality, ethically-sourced yellow gold, rose gold, oxidized sterling silver, diamonds, gemstones, and cobalt chrome. Whether you want something daring or simple, these pieces will match any aesthetic.

Once you choose the perfect necklace, shop our luxury bracelets, artisan earrings, or hand crafted rings to create an amazing look that is uniquely yours!