Artistic & Handmade Ceramics

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Handmade Ceramic Stir Spoon $32.00
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Luna Spoon $40.00
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Tabletop Planter from $40.00
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Clay Person + Snow from $41.00
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Handmade Ceramic Mini Artifact Vase $43.00
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Luna Ceramic Planter from $44.00
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Frost White
Formation Mug $44.00
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Earth Raman Bowl $45.00
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The world has become far too obsessed with the idea of generic, mass-produced decorations and artwork. Unfortunately, this leads to manufacturers creating low-quality ceramics that make your home feel cheap, bland & ordinary. At DonLo Mercantile, however, we believe it pays to offer high-quality artistic handmade ceramics. We treat every piece as a form of artistic expression that results in one of a kind beauty, quality & craftsmanship. 

To some people, handmade ceramics may not seem that different than mainstream ones, but our selection of artistic handmade ceramics are full of many stories. In fact, each piece contains its own story, told by the artist who hand-crafted every unique jar, vase, bowl, or plate from scratch.

Our contemporary unique ceramics can be used to decorate your home as individual artworks or as full sets to represent your individual style. Our ceramics are a testimony of timeless art that will breathe new life into your home through one of a kind style.

Contemporary Unique Ceramics

Our ceramic collections hold the unique view of each artist that spends countless hours shaping the clay and polishing the final piece to fit their vision. Behind this incredible process also lies a strong focus on sustainability and ethical fair trade practices.

DonLo Mercantile doesn’t just care about offering artisan handmade ceramics and unique pieces. The journey that the pieces have gone through concerns us greatly, which is why we make sure all our selections meet our strict requirements when it comes to sustainability. The ceramics are fair trade and come from ethically-sourced materials because we believe beautiful artwork should not come with a carbon footprint.

We invite you to take a look through our selection of artisan handmade ceramics and get to know their unique stories. You can also look through our sustainable, fair trade home goods to find more unique ways of decorating your home.

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