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Handmade Wall Art & Home Decor

The wall art we display in our home, working space, or private relaxation space can tell a story about the people living in that habitat, it can evoke a pure feeling and subtly change the mood of a room.

 The pieces we curate in our collection of wood and metal wall decor have a tight connection with natural elements, geometric shapes that bring equilibrium and symmetry along with organic shapes and textures characteristic of the wilderness.

 Find Quality Homemade Wall Art and Home Decor at DonLo

 The handmade wall art & home decor from DonLo Mercantile is made by expert artisans that select ethically sourced materials, gathered with care worldwide. Our artists vow to create sustainable, attainable pieces that are aligned with our own values and vision: to bring art into your home with responsibility and making no compromise that costs the health of our planet.

 Unique pieces like the Squiggle Wall, made of quality rattan wood, or the Cloud Mobile, a dreamy piece made of steel, brass, and glass crystals are just a glimpse of the fine wall art that caught our eye. Our wall art pieces incorporate symbols from nature, spirituality, and geometry that will surely fit your vision.

 These unique art pieces not only tell a story and showcase the care and attention to detail that the artist invested, but they also go perfectly with a great variety of styles, from rustic to minimal, going through the well-loved boho and eclectic styles that we all love.

 Shop for One-of-a-Kind Pieces

 If you are interested in adding beauty and a touch of contemporary design to your home, office, or relaxation space, you’re in the right place. Besides attractive promotions, like 15% off your first order when you sign up for our newsletter, DonLo brings you exclusive pieces from unique artists, sales, and advice in case you need ideas for your interior design or a gift for a loved one.