Sustainable Home Goods

Sustainable home goods are what help to transform a house into a home, a place where you not only find safety, but also comfort, peace of mind, and relaxation. At DonLo Mercantile, we believe home decor should not only be the pieces that bring these ideas to life, they should also be made from sustainable and ethically-sourced materials.

It is easy to buy cheap, cookie-cutter home goods almost anywhere these days. Grocery stores, convenience stores, and even gas stations sell fragile, flimsy, and forgettable trinkets, knickknacks, and even throw pillows. At DonLo Mercantile, however, every item in our sustainable home goods line is a unique, handcrafted work of art created by artists around the world. Every item we carry has a story, and every item is waiting to become an essential part of yours!

Fair Trade Home Decor & Home Goods

Mass-produced, generic home goods are not only cheaply made, but the Earth suffers greatly as a result. Machine manufacturing such high volumes of products using unsustainable resources is scarring mother nature. Instead, we believe in sustainable home goods that are ethically sourced and sold only through fair trade.

There is nothing generic about the DonLo Mercantile home decor lines. All our pieces are made from ethically sourced and sustainable materials by artists who focus on keeping the health of our planet in mind. Each item carries with it the personal touch of the artist and brings new meaning to any home they are placed in.

We apply the same strict ethical vision when it comes to all our product lines, such as our special jewelry collection which holds tens of unique pieces. If you want to learn more about our fair trade home decor & home goods, ethically sourced jewelry, or have any other questions, please reach out to us here.