Lomas + Wall Hanging

Raw cotton, sansevieria fiber, paper mache,+ equities, a rich brown wood sustainably sourced from Peru.

Invoking a sense of calm and tranquility in a way that most wall hangings don’t, this incredible piece is a true work of art. The expert craftsmanship gives it a museum-like quality – so much so that you’ll want it front and center in any room. It’s that much of a showpiece. A blend of woven raw cotton, natural fiber, paper mache, and dark wood. The result? A piece that’s as beautiful as it is sustainable.

Handcrafted by a group of 11 artisans in Queretaro, Mexico, each wall hanging takes up to a day to complete. Made start-to-finish in a fair trade working environment.

Handmade by Caralarga

Black + White