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Chilote House Shoes + Organic Leather + Wool

These rugged and durable slippers are 100% hand-crafted slow by independent artisan women in Patagonia. Made of locally sourced raw sheep wool and organically (vegetable) tanned saddle leather. 

Each pair includes a QR code that transparently tracks the product to a specific artisan groups info and geolocation in Patagonia. A repair kit is included to extend the life of your product and to encourage you to personalize it with your own crafty contributions.

Small: US (unisex) W (8) M (7)

Medium: US (unisex) W (9-10) M (8-9)

Large: US (unisex) W (11+) M (10+)

With your purchase of these authentic award-winning sustainable wool slippers, you directly empower artisan women to sustain their culture and community doing what they know and love – knitting.

  • Support women living in vulnerable situations in rural Patagonia.
  • Empower artisans to generate an ethical income from home.
  • Help sustain a unique culture and heritage.

You can enable a measurable positive impact to all the women who participate . Chilote Shoes helps them sustain their craft and way of life, providing an ethical means of income.