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Horseshoe Glass Vase

The horseshoe is the amulet of protection and good luck, it is one of the oldest in history. So, do not doubt that good luck and abundance will reign in your space with the Horseshoe glass vase from Glassmateria.
In addition, if you see the Horseshoe glass vase in detail, you can observe the movement that the flower stems share when taking the curved shape of the vase, directing your gaze at each end towards the color and texture of the flowers, it is beautiful.

What does the Horseshoe glass vase include?

When you receive your vase, it will arrive with a kit that includes a dropper and applicators that work to pour the water and clean the hole of the vase with ease.
Also, the wooden base of your vase, which has been made by master wood craftsmen in the provinces of Alajuela and Guanacaste. It makes me happy to work in collaboration with other artisan hands, to deliver a product of design and workmanship, 100% Costa Rican.

Horseshoe vase features:

  • Handmade vase in Costa Rica.
  • Dimensions: 12 x 15 cm
  • Materials: glass, wood.
  • Wood base.
  • Technique: Vitrofusion
  • Care: I recommend you avoid placing your vase in places where the wind blows strongly, to prevent it from falling to the surface.