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Hanging Ceramic Air Plant Cradle + Green Gunmetal + Large

Developed to showcase each air plant's individual beauty, my new air plant cradles are the ideal balance between sculpture and functionality.

● Each cradle is completely handcrafted out of gorgeous speckled buff stoneware clay dipped in a stunning gunmetal green glaze that is slowly dried for maximum strength and fired to 2232°.
● Measures approx. 8" across the widest point, 2 1/2" wide if against the wall, and approx. 17" tall including hemp cord which you can adjust to suit your individual space. Hole in the center that measures approx 1 1/2" wide for securing your air plant if it has a bulb.
● They make a stunning display individually or in groups and can be hung on the wall, in a window, or even outside (but remember to bring your plants in if it gets too cool).

Handmade by Mudpuppy Ceramics Studio