Essential Oil + Soy Wax Ceramic Candle

A low-smoke, essential oil + soy wax candle, poured in small batches in gentle blends for a natural choice.

pictured from left to right: left is light mauve, the middle is tan, right is speckled

New Moon- lavender, frankincense

Harvest- clove, cinnamon, helichrysum, palo santo, patchouli, orange, bergamot

Domes -Palo Santo, Sweet Orange, Himalayan Cedarwood, Vanilla

Ingredients- 100% soy wax, essential oils

 Trim wick to 1/8th – 1/4 inch before igniting each time. burn until the entire top layer of wax is melted for even burning and efficiency.

Store away from heat or sunlight and always keep a candle in sight when burning for safety purposes. Shelf life is 1+ years.