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Bird Water + Drinker

Drinker designed for poultry such as chickens or pigeons. Made of porous clay, it keeps water fresh. Cooling occurs by evaporation. To use inside the house we recommend putting a tray under it. In order for the water to cool, it is necessary for the piece to ooze a certain amount of water.

Each piece is handmade and unique, so you will find imperfections and marks on them. Traces of craftsmanship are perceptible in each piece. The measurements and color reflected are indicative and may vary due to the manufacturing process.

Before starting to use it, we recommend rinsing the piece inside and out. Fill it with water and empty it the next day. Its exterior should be regularly cleaned with a scourer and without soap. Its replacement is recommended when a considerable loss of porosity and breathability is perceived.

Dimensions: ~10" x 6"

Handmade by La Nava