Custom Men's Rings & Jewelry

A man’s style is incomplete without the right accessories to compliment his appearance. With DonLo Mercantile, you can add extra layers to your personal style with our line of custom men’s rings & jewelry.

The right custom men’s ring & jewelry can have a great impact on your look. They make people pause and take notice. Nothing makes people take notice more than when you stand out from a crowd with handmade men’s jewelry & rings that can't be found in a typical department or jewelry store.

At DonLo Mercantile, we offer a diverse line of unique men's jewelry and watches that are all handcrafted and created with the utmost care by artists around the country. Each piece has had the full attention of the artist. Nothing is mass-produced from our line, allowing any piece you choose to truly elevate your look and perfectly accentuate your personal style.

Fair Trade Men’s Rings & Jewelry

Our line of custom men’s rings and watches are unique for more than just their appearance, they are also environmentally sustainable. Mass production methods give quick access to all kinds of pieces, but the Earth suffers greatly as a result, and soon enough everyone is sporting the same accessories.

DonLo Mercantile, however, doesn’t operate that way. In fact, our entire purpose is to be different. Our men’s watches and jewelry are all handmade from ethically-sourced, fair-trade materials, ensuring each piece has a minimal carbon footprint. The artists we collaborate with have the same respect towards the Earth as we do, and together we are able to change the mindset in the industry.

So if you want the perfect custom men’s rings & jewelry to complete your style at no cost to the health of our planet, DonLoMercantile’s catalog is at your disposal. If you're looking for an even more unique experience, contact our master jeweler to create your own men's jewelry to perfectly fit your personality & style.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have additional questions about our other ethically sourced home goods, sustainable apparel, or artisan jewelry.