October's Artist of the Month

At DonLo Mercantile, we love to support artists and feature them in our Artist of the Month features. During October 2021, you can get 10% off of any of the Tribe + True inventory online. The discount automatically applies at checkout and expires on October 31st, 2021 at 11:59 PM MST. For questions, please email info@donlomercantile.com.

We cannot keep these beautiful Tribe + True Blankets in stock. These artisan handwoven blankets are beautiful and high quality. Here is some more information about Tribe + True blankets taken from the FAQ page on their website:

Where are your blankets made?

Our partner-weavers reside in the villages of Tlaxcala, Mexico and Oaxaca, Mexico.

How are your blankets produced?

Carefully crafted on a traditional wooden pedal loom, our weaving artists dedicate hours to each & every blanket.  They are all created as small batch specialties, consisting of 20 or less individual pieces.  Unique characteristics are featured and no two blankets are exactly alike. 

How am I supporting the artisans who weave your blankets?

We employ fair trade standards for our weaving team.  Our partners set their own prices and determine their own daily workload.  Our artists proudly carry out a centuries-old art form in the creation of our blankets and rugs.  Each and every purchase supports their ability to continue to grow and economically utilize their art form. 

Are your products created by Native Americans?

Our line of jewelry is created exclusively by Navajo and Zuni Silversmiths. Our handwoven blankets are created exclusively by Mexican Artisans.  Many of our vintage items, including pillow covers and rugs, are woven by Mexican, Turkish, and Moroccan Artisans.  Each listing will provide detailed information about the maker.

What is the best way to care for a Tribe + True blanket?

Good news!  Our blankets are machine washable, best with like colors on the cool setting.  Please lay flat, hang, or machine dry on the low setting. Our blankets will soften up with every wash. 

What are your blankets made of?

Our blankets are earth-friendly and give life to otherwise discarded garments. They are spun from 100% post-consumer recycled threads. These threads contain a blend of cotton, acrylic, and polyester and have come from clothing and other garments. 

Can I expect any imperfections in one of your blankets?

Yes, small imperfections and unique characteristics may be present due to the handwoven nature of our blankets.  If you are concerned about an imperfection on your blanket please email us at info@tribeandtrue.com.

How does Tribe + True give back?

Giving back is at the very heart of everything we do here at Tribe + True. In 2017, the Tribe + True Foundation was created to provide Native American children and families access to healthy and nutritious food. With every single purchase we provide a Native American in need with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For more information on our foundation, please click here.

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