August's Artist of the Month - Harper the Label

At DonLo Mercantile, we love to support artists and feature them in our Artist of the Month features. During August 2021, you can get 10% off of any of the Harper bags online. The discount automatically applies at checkout and expires on August 31st, 2021 at 11:59 PM MST. For questions, please email


The Founder

Claire Harper launched her namesake label in 2019 to shed light on the leather industry, which has historically been an opaque one that is protective of its secrets. She couldn't find a leather bag that met her high standards for both ethical integrity and aesthetic design, so Harper the Label is her attempt to marry those ideals.

Clean leather.

We sourced the very best leather we could find. The majority of leather today is produced using toxic chemicals, namely chromium, to make the process as quick and efficient as possible. Safety is what we sacrifice for speed: tannery chemicals are linked to a long list of human and environmental health risks. Harper the Label's leather is chrome-free, certified by some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world.

Fair manufacturing.

All Harper the Label goods are designed in sunny California and sewn in New York City in a small workshop. We believe that the artisans who make our designs deserve dignity and empowerment, so we strive for genuine relationships with our manufacturing partners built on trust and fair pricing.

Sustainable packaging.

Wherever possible, Harper the Label uses shipping and packaging materials that are recyclable or compostable in the US (and ideally the materials are made from recycled content too). We went the extra step to source packaging that we feel right about using: recycled cardboard shipping boxes, paper hang tags, cotton protective dust bags made from cotton, and compostable packing tape printed with soy ink. We even use recycled cotton t-shirts to make our business cards!

Carbon offsets.

Harper the Label calculates and offsets the carbon emissions that come from our supply chain to the best of our ability. We work with Terrapass to estimate the carbon required to make each design, from the methane gas that a cow produces in its lifetime, the emissions from manufacturing processes, and the freight to deliver an order to you.

Genuine inclusivity.

Harper the Label believes that authentic diversity must include people of all backgrounds and experiences. We believe in asking (and paying) for the expertise of creatives of color, and seek to cultivate real relationships with female and non-binary entrepreneurs. We do not participate in cultural appropriation, instead seeking to lift up the global communities that inspire us and allowing their own voices to be heard.

Shop for genuine, clean leather bags right here at DonLo Mercantile. To learn more about the brand, visit their site: Harper the Label.