Strong Mountain Sterling Silver Bracelet + 14k Gold Peaks

This bracelet is made with sterling silver and 14k gold. Three 14k yellow gold on one side and two on the other, all placed diagonally. The 14k gold is textured and shaped like different size mountain peaks. 

The top of the bracelet is slightly textured and hammered flat and the rest is round in form of a wire. The bracelet is open ended so you can adjust it easily to any size you desire. 

. The widest point is 5.1 mm (0.2 inch) and the round back is 2.7 mm (0.1 inch)

. The opening is an adjustable 14 mm (0.55 inch)  

. The length is measured approximately 175 mm (6.89 inch)

Handmade by Elle Naz Jewelry