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Rose Quartz + Vanilla + Cashmere Crystal Candle

These wood wick candles in the Love Collection each contain a Rose Quartz crystal.  This crystal is known as the Stone of Unconditional Love as its vibration enhances the love you have for yourself, your loved ones and the greater global community.  It is a romantic stone that is effective in drawing loving relationships and harmony towards you. Practising mindfulness while your candle burns will allow the energy of Rose Quartz to envelop you in love. Our larger candles include Clear Quartz crystals which harness the power of energetic amplification to multiply the intensity of your Rose Quartz to create stronger loving vibrations. These handcrafted crystal candles are made with a blend of high-quality soy and coconut wax, giving you longer burn time and better scent throw which is perfect for enhancing your mood and surrounding yourself with the energy of love while relaxing in your favourite space.

Handmade by Fullmoon Candles