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Honey Hoops + Large 14k Gold

Hand fabricated Hexagon Hoop Earrings with a hammered finish to catch the light. Light yet durable, they compliment any outfit for any occasion. 

Large - 2"

Treat yourself to solid 14K gold! You are worth it.


The Honey Jewelry Collection was created as a subtle expression to remain mindful of the incredibly vital role that honeybees play in our Earth's ecosystem. We tip our hat to these small yet highly industrious creatures who pollinate in perfect harmony with nature, while simultaneously making honey to nourish their hives within the sacred geometry of the honeycomb. As honeybee populations are declining throughout the world, our daily conscious choices add up collectively to make a positive difference in protecting them. 

Whichever piece speaks to you in this wearable collection, may it spark conversations about honeybees, conservation and responsible stewardship of this magnificent Earth for the next seven generations and beyond. 

Handmade by Hawk & Field