Body Bundle + Oil + Bath Bombs

It is time to take care of oneself or a loved one. This perfect little bundle of goods includes one locally made Skull Bath Bomb containing crystals cleansed in Colorado's Rocky Mountain Rivers. One 4oz/12ml bottle of Radiance Body Oil and one container of Nourish Facial Exfoliant by Ona Organics. 

*Radiance Body Oil is an aromatic, soothing, and softening body treatment with deeply nourishing oils of moringa oleifera, hemp seed, and meadowfoam. The aromatherapy of this treatment will ease the mind into a place a grounded love and calm. 

Elements: organic oils of: moringa seed, hemp seed, meadfoam, sunflower, black seed, rosehip, ylang ylang, palo santo, and cedarwood 

*Nourish Facial Exfoliant is a synergistic blend of antioxidant and mineral-rich botanicals and salts work in harmony to exfoliate and nourish the skin. This gentle facial scrub instantly resurfaces while detoxifying the skin of environmental pollutants to restore vitality and life to the complexion. 

Elements: Himalayan and Dead sea salts, organic almond flour, organic oils of moringa oleifera, black seed, ylang ylang, vetiver and vitamin e (alpha-mixed tocopherol)